​​Partner Class teaches lifts, turns and other skills necessary to successfully dance with a partner. 

​Fusion is a class that was designed to give dancers the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of dance styles. Classes rotate weekly between Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, and Musical Theatre. This class is designed for the seasoned dancer and is by invitation only.

Modern dance centers on a dancer's own interpretations instead of structured steps. It rejects the classical ballet stance of an upright, erect body, often opting for deliberate falls. Our class combines known methods from Modern greats like Horton and Graham, combined with our own style.


Tap Dance

Jazz Dance

Tap dance is a style of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. At Dance By Sheila, we teach a combination of Al Gilbert technique and Lea Darwin technique, with a touch of stomp.


The Boys'/Men's Ballet Class is designed to specifically target the needs of the male ballet dancer. It is taught by our Ballet Master, Tommy F. Robbins.

Hip Hop Dance

​Classical Ballet

Boys'/Mens' Ballet

Classical ballet is a traditional, formal style of ballet that adheres to classical ballet technique. Our teachers teach a combination of the Russian and Cecchetti methods.

Split Class is for children between the ages of 3 and 6. This class combines 30 minutes of Tap and 30 minutes of Ballet in an effort to keep the little ones moving while  also teaching them the basics needed to handle the hour class instruction. 

Modern Dance

Split Class

Our Hip Hop class offers a variety of styles and is a fun and energetic way to explore your inner spirit. At Dance By Sheila, we focus on self confidence, self expression, and teamwork to build friendships and pull off successful performances.

Classes Offered

Jazz dance is a classification shared by a broad range of dance styles, from African American vernacular dance to modern jazz dance with roots in Caribbean traditional dance. You'll find all of this in our Jazz class, from Gus Giordano to Hip Hop and everything in between.