​SUmmer 2020

Tuition is paid monthly and is based on the amount of classes taken:

$45 per month for one 60 min. class per week,

$25 per month for each additional 60 min. class.

$50 per month for one 90 min. class per week,

$30 per month for each additional 90 min. class.

$150 per month for unlimited classes for one student.

$180 per month for unlimited classes for family up to 3 immediate members.

In order to maintain a safe and healthy studio environment, class size will be capped at 6 to 10 students. Please contact Dance By Sheila to reserve your place in a class. We ask that all students and guardians follow the guidelines below. Additionally, students will be given hand sanitizer when they enter and there will be a 10-15 minute break between class blocks so that the studio can be disinfected.

Pandemic Guidelines for Students & Guardians

1. Must be fever free for 24 hours.

2. No one in the household is sick.

3. Students are drop off and pick up only.

​4. Students must be picked up on time.

5. Students must bring their own water.

6. Students must agree to keep the required safe distance as required by the CDC.

4:30SplitMs. Sheila
5:30BalletMs. Sheila
7:00 PointeMs. Sheila
8:00ModernMs. Sheila


4:00TapMs. Sheila
JazzMs. Sheila
5:30Adult BalletTommy
6:00BalletMs. Sheila
6:30Teen Boys' BalletTommy
7:00PointeMs. Sheila
7:30Boy's BalletTommy
7:30ModernMs. Sheila


4:30SplitMs. Sheila
5:30BalletMs. Sheila
7:00PointeMs. Sheila
8:00Tap/Hip HopMs. Sheila/Gabby


3:00BalletMs. Sheila
4:00ModernMs. Sheila
5:30Hip HopGabby
5:30Adult BalletTommy
6:30Hip HopGabby